Saturday, August 11, 2012

Looking For My Mojo

by Kris Pitcher

Each contest season is certainly different from the last. This one is for me...and I might have lost my mojo. My writing mojo. I'm not sure if it's you, or if it's me to be honest.

Let's say it's me. Keeping up with my life is getting increasingly difficult and I'm not gonna lie...well I guess that was it. I'm not gonna lie. There's simply a lack of time issue. How does that lady on the McDonald's commercial blog on her phone?

Then there's the you who are no longer reading...which isn't you I realize. It's the other you. So, if our audience is shrinking and I'm shrinking and my life is shrinking...well there you go. Maybe people just aren't interested in Bliss.

I have to say I am excited to be working on another writing project. A larger piece of work. So, there is that. And maybe it's the diet talking but I've determined the world doesn't need me quite every day. Perhaps with less frequency the world would be just fine with their Kris fix.

This isn't a "whoa is me" moment...just more of a worn out moment of sorts. Be patient as I make my way to the stage and my life shrinks, my focus heightens and I've got less to give. I'll still be here in sprinkles, so I hope you'll be patient and keep your eyes out.

And hopefully you won't be bored to tears with the trials and tribulations of my contest prep, my first attempt at women's physique, and figure for that matter...mean while I'll be looking for my mojo. Maybe it's with my carbs?

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  1. I look forward to,and read every blog.I do not always comment,but I am always here.Good Luck Kris!