Sunday, August 5, 2012

Right Side Next Time

by Kris Pitcher

Life can get a little busy, especially when you are training for competition. Your days get shorter as you have more food to prepare and more cardio to do. The good thing is your slightly deprived brain sees things a little differently.

I admit when things find themselves in the laundry basket...they are most always inside out. That's just what happens when you peel something off a sweaty body. They go into the washer that way. And alas, they come out of the dryer that way.

Normally, as I'm folding the laundry - which I do right away because I have a strict NO IRONING policy - I turn things right side out. Early one morning as I was rushing to get some clean clothes folded before running off to work, I held up a tank top I wear to sleep in...and it struck me!

It will be right side out next time! Ha! I've mastered the system! I folded it carefully into the pile and went along my way. Sure, I put the things that mattered right side out, but these items do not matter.

Contest prep will do that to you. It will show you just what matters. It doesn't matter if my tank top is inside out while I'm sleeping. What matters is it's clean, folded, and it will be right on the coffee table waiting for me when I need it (sort of kidding).

Are you doing the things that matter in your life, or are you spending time "turning things right side out"? I wonder sometimes how much time we spend on things that just don't make a difference. Things that just don't matter.

With a smile on my face and a load of laundry checked off the long list of things that have to get done to keep the household running, I felt pretty good about my revelation. And tonight when I go to bed in my inside out tank top...I might just be too happy with myself to stand it! Ha!

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