Friday, August 31, 2012

Secret Weapon

by Kris Pitcher

Training for a physique competition is not easy. It is not a short process. It's not something you "do on the weekends".

In my opinion, you're either all in...or you're not. People struggle with their goals. Getting from point A to point B during your contest prep can be challenging depending on how you've spent your off season. It can be a race depending on how short, or long, you've chosen to diet.

A 12 week prep would be a "quickie" for any one. And I don't care who you are, you better be in good shape when you start.

Me? I know it takes me longer. A lot longer. Which is where my secret weapon comes in handy.

Spending a full year eating clean and training hard might feel like a prison sentence to some. But for me, it's just part of getting back on stage having made some progress. After all, isn't that the point? Why just come in the same contest after contest? As a judge I see a lot of that and it confuses me to be honest.

Then once it's time to diet I flip the mental switch. It is on! And I'm grateful for my secret weapon. It's a savior really. It's ability to keep me on track, to comfort me when I'd rather stuff my face with foods in pictures posted on facebook. I couldn't do without it.

As the diet progresses and I begin to tire, I've got it in my back pocket to draw on. The final weeks ahead will test me in spirit and in body...and in mind. But I'll have my secret weapon right there with me.

What is it you're wondering? It's simple determination. Determination to bring my very best to the stage. Determination to not leave anything on the table. Determination not to wonder if I could have done just one more rep, or just 5 more minutes of cardio...or done anything more.

It's the strength of knowledge that I can and will eat what I am supposed to eat, when I am supposed to eat it, and nothing more, or less. It is knowing without a doubt that I trust my coaches, their knowledge and the process they've set forth for me.

It's determination to complete my journey. It's my secret weapon. It's nothing that any of you don't have within you.Yet somehow, it sets me apart. And that's the whole point, I will stand apart on a few short weeks. I'll see you there!

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