Monday, August 20, 2012

Let Us Fill Your Cup!

by Kris Pitcher

Remember what your mother told you? "Why buy the cow if they can have the milk for free?" Giving and receiving is an interesting thing. There is a delicate balance there. Sometimes you give...hoping to receive. And. Nothing.

It's a good reminder that we should give to give. This is why you never loan anyone money. You give them money without expecting it back in return. Should you get it back in return one day, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Advice is the same way. Knowledge is power they say. Well, maybe. But everyone seems to want it for nothing. "Can you just give me your diet?" They'll ask. Um, no? I paid for that and someone is making their mortgage payment because I did. Besides, it's my diet - meaning it was developed for me.

Applying that same information to just any old body doesn't work. It's the manipulation of the information that makes the science work. So, no - you cannot just have my diet, my macro break down, my calorie count, my workout plan, my peak week protocol.

All too often we want to cut corners. But cutting corners doesn't work in manipulating body composition, in building a body, or in creating an outcome with a physique. This is a science. General information is just that - it's general. You can drink that milk!

I'll pour you a big old cup of that milk any day. In fact, it's my pleasure to do so, to dispel bad information and to guide people toward great information. I just can't help myself from doing it.

And when you're looking for specifics, designed just for you...I hope you'll come this way too. Because your cup will over flow! Team Pitcher has you covered. *Smile!

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