Monday, January 7, 2013

5 Things I Took On Vacation

by Kris Pitcher

If I were off on a holiday...which I AM! What five things would I be sure to pack? Here's a look into just what I must have on vacation.

First, I made sure to pack protein powder. Yes! The first meal of the day is as important on vacation as any day of the week. I don't want to miss out on the best time of the day to pack my body full of protein. I also know I'll want my post workout protein shake, just like at home. So, number one on the list is protein powder.

Second on my must have list is my tennis shoes. That's right, there's no easier way to stay on track on vacation than to go on a nice walk. Plus, I know I'll need them in the gym too. Number 2 on the must have list, tennis shoes.

Next up, protection! Yes, I'll be getting the sun! It's SPF 50 for me, a hat and a long sleeved shirt for when I need a break from the sun. This girl needs her cover up too. I make sure I have everything I need to keep my skin healthy on the beach. Protection is number 3 on my must have list.

Next on my essentials list is my workout gear. I brought my wrist wraps and versa grips with me to paradise. There's nothing like a good lift on vacation. Why take time off from your workouts when you are on vacation. I'm staying right on track with my workouts. Yes!

Finally, on my must have list for vacation actual book. Not a kindle, a book. I'm unplugged, mostly, and enjoying a good book.

Vacation is all about enjoying the things you love, slowing down, and recharging your energy. So there you have my must have list of the top 5 things to bring on vacation. Live it up!

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