Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Toxic Timeline!

by Kris Pitcher

We have what I would describe as an, "I need it NOW!" mentality in our society. I fall victim to this false urgency's not just you.

We get a plan and we want a new plan before we've even given the first plan a chance to work. We want change and we want it fast. We have a toxic timeline.

I look in the mirror and want to be ready for my contest now. My contest is in June. I can't be ready now...I need to be ready in June. And you can't be ready now either. You'll be ready in time.

I need it NOW!
If I were ready now I wouldn't be ready in June. And that would just be silly. It would be silly because there is no contest right now. I would be ready at the wrong time. So, I have to relax. RELAX!!!

My timeline is all set out for me, and so is yours. Mine is mapped out on the refrigerator to help me literally see it. Each day I can stand in front of my calendar and look at how many weeks until my contest.

Twenty-one weeks...WHEW! I don't have to be ready today. It's not time. I have time and I've allowed for time. That's what this process is all about. Now, I just need to keep my head straight about that fact.

If we stop needing "it" now, we can relax and do the work. We need to do the work each day, each day leads to a week, and a week into a month and so on. Pretty soon we've done the work to be ready and low and's time!

The energy invested in wanting it now is just nervous nothing. It creates stress and no one needs that. Let go of the toxic timeline and work on the here and now. Break things down into the daily tasks needed to get the big goal done.

What I see happen is we get paralyzed in this nervous energy wanting to get from point A to point Z, and we are unable to take the necessary steps in between. We need to be able to take the steps and do the work in between. This is what separates those who accomplish their goals and those who don't.

Get rid of the urgency. You don't need to be ready RIGHT NOW. You'll be ready in due time. You've timed it out just right so you will be ready at the right time. Trust that process. Put up your calendar so you can see how much time you have. Then allow yourself to do the work you need to do today.

There! Take a breath...doesn't that feel better? Allow yourself the time to become successful!

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