Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Your Honeymoon Glow!

by Kris Pitcher

Welcome to your honeymoon! This is such an exciting time. You are motivated, on track, you've got a plan and you are making this thing happen! Finally! This is your year!

Things feel exciting and new. You feel the rush of power and control over your choices. You are driving this thing. Success will be yours! (Insert needle on record...)

What happens when that electric feeling begins to wear down? When the sparks don't ignite quite like they did at first? What happens when this thing actually begins to become WORK?

We need to think ahead a few weeks, and months, to when this honeymoon is OVER. I know you don't think it's going to end. But it's going to end. You're not going to feel all squishy inside over this forever. You're not gonna love me.

But there is good news. Shoot, there is GREAT news! You can make this last. You can make it last a lifetime. It starts by having some realistic expectations. Those of you who know me, know that I've been practicing successful weight management for over 20 years.

How long will I do it? As long as I want it to work. And that's how long you'll do it too. This is a life long journey. I didn't refine my entire way of eating, strip myself of body fat and get on stage to win first place in a few months.

This has been a progression over many, many years. Your journey will progress as well. And my point is, make small changes. Incorporate small changes to your eating and your exercise along the way for the greatest long-term success.

We need to be able to adapt changes we can live with, forever, if we want them to work. We can't expect to take items out of our diet, lose weight, put those same items back in...and maintain our loss. That just ain't right in the thinker!

Your honeymoon can last when you make realistic changes. Make changes you can live with and know they will take time. Know that you will make mistakes. You won't be perfect all the time.

You did know you're not perfect, right? Sorry if that's news to you. But we are human. Allow yourself the space to make mistakes and get back on track. When we just throw in the towel after one slip up...we'll NEVER make it. Make sense?

Keep that ooey-gooey, crushy feeling by being realistic. This love affair of mine has been going on for a long time, and it just gets steamier! Make some lasting changes this year and keep your honeymoon going. Everyone will wonder why you have that glow!

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