Monday, January 28, 2013

GPS by Restaurant

by Kris Pitcher

I had a funny experience the other day. The kind which solidifies - I'm different. You probably have these too. Being different is my normal, and there are certain times when it's just more apparent than others.

On the phone with a scheduler, I was preparing to visit a new office. One I hadn't been to before. The nice gal at the other end of the line was helping me understand where they were located and the conversation went something like this:

Scheduler: You'll take the exit and head North, you know where the old Marie Calendar's was?
Me: No.

Scheduler: Right near the Jack in the Box? You know where that is?
Me: No, I'm not familiar with the Jack in the Box.
Scheduler: Oh, well the Longhorns is on the left and the Mc Donald's is just further North, but then you've gone too far.

Now I'm actually laughing on the phone to her.

Me: I'm not familiar with the restaurants in the're talking to the WRONG person (still laughing) but just give me a street indication and I'll find you.

We did go that route and finding the office was easy. Upon my arrival, meeting Ms. Scheduler I could see she was familiar with the restaurants in the area and GPS by restaurant was usually a successful way to help new clients find their office.

For me however, it was a reminder I am different. And that's just fine. It is OK to be different. It takes being different to reach the goals we have. It takes not knowing where the old Marie Calendar's was to have the physique we want to have.

We find our way just fine. We just use different markers than most. Instead of feeling like you stick out like a sore thumb...just know you are charting a different course, mapping your way by different checkpoints. You're using a different kind of GPS. Keep moving!

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