Monday, January 14, 2013

Opportunity Knocks

by Kris Pitcher

You've been on a roll for a week or two and you've probably noted...this is hard work! You made some changes this new year and guess what, it is hard. That's right, change is hard.

You also just might be one of the ones who will make it this year. Count yourself in! Depending on how you see things, you just might have a chance.

Do you see this change as opportunity? Or as oppression? Your perspective will be huge for your ongoing success. Huge! No one wants to be oppressed. Hello?! If you have an outlook of the changes you are making as oppressing're in trouble.

If, on the other hand, you choose to see your new life changes as ones of opportunity - you're as good as golden. (Whatever that means.) But really, don't you see the point here? When you see your choices as opportunity you open yourself up to an approach of empowerment and freedom.

When I hear people say, "This is hard!" It sounds defiant. As if they don't want to be making the changes. Well, guess what? Don't make them. Simple as that. No one is asking you to. It should be your choice entirely.

I am not denying change is difficult. However, when you choose your outlook you're in the driver's seat. If you feel oppressed, you feel like some one's doing something to you. That's no way to go about making lasting positive changes.

Your success hinges on your outlook. Look through eyes of opportunity. When you do, the choice really is all yours. Listen to that, I hear opportunity knocking!

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