Friday, January 4, 2013

Prep Is ON!

by Kris Pitcher

Making the transition from off-season eating to contest prep can be a difficult one. But with the right mind set this is a no brainer.

If you've had a successful, focused off-season you'll be at an advantage over someone who's been loosey-goosey head over heels in the cupcakes. Either way, you can be equally successful once you make the switch.

Jacques Pitcher & Todd Scott, a winning team!
Making the switch is a conscious decision to figuratively, "Flip the Switch". That day, that moment, when you declare...Prep is on! And it is. It is full on. There's no turning back. There is only progress forward.

My philosophy, and this is personal, is I am the only one accountable for what I look like on stage come contest day. Sure, I have coaches helping me. They are advising me, telling me exactly what to do along the way. Ultimately it is solely up to me to do it.

My coach isn't going to get up at 4:00 am and do my cardio for me. He isn't going to prep my food or pack my meals. He isn't going to make sure I keep walking past the constant buffet of goodies in the break room. That stuff is all on me.

When I am weak, I reach out and tell my coach. He can guide me, or tell me to suck it up, or remind me that this is my goal. When I feel unsure and don't trust my own eyes he can reassure me and tell me we're on track. That's the beauty of having a coach.

But that day when prep begins. There's no room for "kinda" starting. You're either pregnant, or you're not. You can't wiggle in a cheat here, or a binge there. It will show in your scores when the judge quarter turns you and your backside is showing for all to see. You either did the work or you didn't.

So why wouldn't you do it 100%, or more? Why would you for one millisecond allow yourself to stray from what you've chosen? No one is making you do a contest. It's your choice. You are either in, all in...or you're not.

So, when we talk about transitioning...there is no transition. It is a flip of a switch. It is on. It is all the way on. Everything you did the day before is done. You're on your plan, you need to do what your coach says and trust the process. Do the work. Period.

Get your head in the game and keep it there. It's not a short road. I put a calendar on the refrigerator along with photos of what I look like last year and of people I'd like to look like. I know exactly what my plan is and what my priorities are. Get your head in this game and be a champion each and every day. Prep is ON!

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