Friday, January 11, 2013

Can It!

by Kris Pitcher

If temptation is lurking at every turn it's time to can it! Your home is your sanctuary and I am all about creating your environment. I realize we each have our own situation. Some have families who need to eat different things. But let's explore that.

Commitment to your success requires controlling your environment. As the provider and decision maker you get to determine what comes into the house. Now, depending on what has been in the house...there might be some challenges here.

It's not my role to suggest how anyone parent, but this is a barrier for a lot of people. So, to work around this very real barrier, I'm going to suggest how you parent. Take it or leave it.

You purchase the groceries. You decide. Kids eat what we teach them to eat. Kids will create a stand off. It will be ugly. There will be protest. Tears. Hunger strikes. Food on the floor. People will go to bed "hungry". You will feel like a terrible parent. You will question what you are doing.

This will go on for a few days. You won't cave. Your kid will get hungry. They will eat oatmeal instead of fruit loops. Parenting is tough, no doubt. And it is no fun to see your child having an absolute breakdown over not getting what they want. It's heart-wrenching.

We create our situations. Having to prepare several different meals is also no fun, and it chips away at your success. A bite of mac-n-cheese here, and a chicken nugget there...crusts of PB & J...I know how this thing plays out. It plays out on the scale, with your numbers. It's up to you.

If your situation is just having goodies in the house, it's time to just can it all. Throw it out. Clean house and get rid of it. It has no place in your plan, and no place in your current or future success. When you have a planned treat, go out and get it. Control your home environment. Create your success.

Any of those left over holiday treats, gift baskets, cookie platters from the neighbors...can those too! Just because someone made that for you doesn't mean you have to finish it off. Out with it! Create and control your environment for your success. Don't count on self-control.

This is such an important tool for your continued success. I realize it takes time to make changes within the family. Not every family member is going to eat like you are, nor should they. But they don't need bags of oreo cookies in the house. When they want a treat let them create a tradition of going out for a scoop  of ice cream.

Preparing additional items for the family is one thing. If you prepare dinner and have chicken and salad with additional sides for the family - you don't need to eat those sides. Have the base meal. But stop preparing a different meal for everyone. This is a change you need to begin to make.

Your success is up to you. Remember you are the decision maker and control the purchasing power in the household. Your home really is your sanctuary and creating an environment where you can be successful is key to your continued success. Now, fill that can!

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