Friday, March 8, 2013

Slow Your Scroll

by Kris Pitcher

You know how you have certain fb friends you just scroll right past on your message feeds? Those people who constantly complain, post negative comments, say horrible things...about themselves...

You should maybe sit down. I have something to tell you that might be difficult for you to hear. YOU'RE THAT PERSON!!!

It's just I want to reach into cyber space and punch you in the throat for the things you say about yourself. Who brain washed you to think that stuff? My goodness take one look in the mirror and let all that baggage roll down a big old hill.

Damaged. Fine. Hurt. OK. Done bad things. What ever. If you're not going to stop torturing yourself, at least stop torturing everyone else "anonymously" on social media. Honestly!

Who ever taught you to be so self deprecating was a real a-hole. We've all been hurt, left, damaged, abandoned in some's time to live in the "right now". Let that a-hole go. Let go of your a-hole.

The fact is you decide to live in your own crap or plant flowers in it. You might not know it, but you need to run, run fast, and get some seeds and start a garden!

We haven't defriended you yet. We're still scrolling waiting for you to get your head above water. We know you can do it. Here's your pep talk. I'm the one elected to tell you.

PLANT YOUR GARDEN!!! My point is, you decide. You decide if you live by the errors of your past what ever they may be, or by the definition of your future. You decide. You define!

Stop loathing (and posting) in those stupid "inspirational" memes about succumbing to your weakness. Load. Of. Crap. You're focused on the wrong things. Focus on your strength. We'd like to slow the scroll.

What you focus on becomes your reality. Think about that over a nice cup of tea and you'll eventually stop cursing me, eventually. I will be reading your posts and comments because I KNOW you're ready to plant your garden. Go on...I'll slow my scroll.


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