Friday, March 15, 2013

Elimination Contest Diet

by Kris Pitcher

You have been following your diet to a "T", doing everything your trainer has set forth for you. Your workouts are on track. But, something isn't right. The numbers just aren't budging.

In fact, you've even done a little extra. Won't that help? The thing didn't exactly tell your coach that part. I mean, you're just trying to get to the end goal faster. What's not working here?

What you may not know, is your coach is consulting other coaches. They are in case study conversations. Subject X is a 40 year old woman, these are her issues, she's on these medications, this is her current protocol...she's not responding. What would you do?

They wouldn't have to have these meetings if you weren't on your own "elimination diet". What? That's right, your elimination diet. See, because you haven't exactly been following like you said you have.

You're not exactly eating all your food. Less is better right? And you did cut your cardio by 5 minutes those three days last week. But that was just 5 minutes. What's the big deal if you skip that post workout meal? You're trying to lose weight after all...

Your elimination diet has screwed up the whole plan. Your trainer is racking their brain trying to figure out why all the other clients (ALL OF THEM) are responding to their individual plans...but you. Nothin'.

Change in cardio intensity. Nothing. Change in carbs. Nothing. Change in cardio duration. Nada. Change in other macros...You get the picture. You are not responding BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT DOING YOUR DIET.

When you don't eat your food, when you don't work at the proper intensity, when you try to take short cuts...we can't fix that with a wave of the hand. It doesn't work that way. Less is not more. Eating less has shut your metabolism down.

You need to be eating all of your meals. You need to be doing everything set out for you in order to make the gains, the losses, to hit the goals. To stop the conferences.

Transparency with your trainer is critical in this process. Everything matters. What you do, and what you don't do (by elimination) matters, a lot. Open communication is the only method of communication in order to create success for you. Don't do your own plan, you're working with a professional because they are an expert.

The elimination contest diet does one thing...eliminates you from the contest because you won't be ready. Don't sabotage yourself by skipping out. Eat your food, do your work. Let's get you to the stage! 

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