Friday, March 22, 2013

Broken Pledge!

by Kris Pitcher

I pledge allegiance to my closet full of everything black,
and to the coordination for which you offer
to each item individually and in unison.
From bags to shoes to slacks and skirts,
and from dresses formal to casual.
Promise as I may, I continue to add
to your never ending possibilities.
When I do go shopping, which I don't like, I whisper a promise to myself...I will not buy anything black. Yet each trip, agonizing as it is, I return to add another black item to my wardrobe.
My whispers mean nothing. Black boots, three pairs. One patent leather, one heeled, one suede. We won't count how many, and what variety of black "shoes". There's simply too many.
Black slacks. Various sizes. Black sweaters, black jackets, black suits, black skirts, black dresses. Black, black, black, black. It's not that I don't have imagination, or that I fear color. Maybe I don't have a plan. Or a style? 
I am not alone in my pledge. This I know. My problem plagues women across the land. Women of all colors, shapes, and sizes. I am not facing this one by myself.
Part of the challenge is black never goes out of style. Green this season, pink the next...I can't be changing my wardrobe every year much less every season. Still, I know this to be an excuse for my sickness.
To my credit, I do have colorful accessories. I'm not convinced this is enough. And it doesn't feel like it slows the magnetic pull when I'm out in the store gravitating to that black item.
Seriously, who wears red slacks though? Last week I swore I would not buy a black item. I brought home a pair of black flats. Sick. But flats are in this spring...
You can see my issue, and you can likely relate. This is a new year, and as spring breaks through the winter's chill, I'll head my whisper LOUDER. I'm sensing good things for the coming season. I may just break my pledge!

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