Friday, March 29, 2013

Peanut Butter Interrogation

by Kris Pitcher

He came at me with a butter knife, "Have you been eating peanut butter?!" I was shocked, startled, and caught completely off guard.

Then the laughter came. "NO!" I said emphatically. "Because I don't remember making those patterns on top of the peanut butter." said my husband shaking his butter knife at me.

Earlier that day on our way to see my parents I had to tell him to drive straight instead of turning the direction we turn 99% of the time...because we were going to visit my parents. I wasn't sure he could remember anything.

I never cheat on my diet. It just simply doesn't cross my mind. There are no weak moments, no fits of being overcome with an eating frenzy. He asked if maybe I was eating it in my sleep!

Certainly not! I told him when I get up in the middle of the night I go to the bathroom and that's it. Then it's straight back to bed. This interrogation was outrageous. Unfounded.

When I'm on stage, it's just me and my integrity. There's no room for cheating. There's just me and my hard work. Every bit of it. There aren't any extra days for me to mess around with cheating. There aren't any bites of peanut butter or fancy swirls and patterns.

There is just me. Who would give me the benefit of the doubt if I just "had a little swirl"...What judge would say, "Hmmm she's not very tight from behind, but that's no big was just a bit of extra peanut butter." Not one.

There is zero room for being off plan. You need every bit of time to get ready. You need every bit of cardio, every ounce of protein, every low or high carb day...all your water. You need to lift like you mean it. You need to tune into your body. You need your sleep.

No nibble or snack, or extra would be worth wondering if you could have done better. Would it? No snooze button or skipped workout, or missed meal...

When you're on stage it's just you. And that's why even though you have lots of help and support right now, it's ultimately just you. You have to want it pretty bad in order to do what you need to do. That's why very few of us do it. Just you.

So, no. No I didn't swirl patterns on the peanut butter. I don't get peanut butter. And if it's not on my sheet, hanging on the refrigerator...I'm not eating it. Promise you that. Come June 14th, it's just me up there.

So, come at me. Bring it on. I know exactly what I've been eating. And I will try to hold back the laughter while I get the peanut butter interrogation. Try

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  1. With focus and commitment like that how can you not reach your goals and do well when you step on stage?
    Ok, so who did make the patterns on the top of the peanut butter?