Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meat Tooth

by Kris Pitcher

I have developed a meat tooth. You didn't misread that. Most people have a sweet tooth. You're probably familiar with that. Cravings. Hankerings. Salivations! You want it! You need it!

On food prep days there is a lot of cooking going on. Pounds and pounds of chicken, ground beef, ground chicken, and even steak. And I want to eat it ALL! All of it!

I've got a meat tooth! I really have to watch myself as I'm weighing and packing meals for myself, and for my husband...or before you know it I'm nibbling. We know what happens to nibblers.

Even when it's the good stuff, extra is extra. What isn't on your plan still is not on your plan. So, keeping the meat tooth at bay is necessary while I'm prepping and packing.

But man! It smells so good, and it's juicy and salty and yummy! My mouth is watering right now. Seriously. There have been times when I'm in the kitchen cutting chicken and I'll tell my husband I want to eat ALL of it. He just laughs at me.

"At least it's meat," he says. But even so, I can't chow down and eat it all. My palette has become pretty simple. The number of items on my list are small. But I can have meat.

People complain that they don't want to eat their protein. They say they can't choke down their chicken. If they see another egg white they'll vomit. What's all that about?

I. Love. It! I even had a dream I ate half a turkey. I was supposed to be putting it away after a family meal, and I stood in the kitchen and polished it off! Prep dreams.

If you don't seriously love what you're doing and what it takes to get there you better believe it's going to be tough to choke it down. All of it! Start loving it. Start seeing your fuel as your ticket to your goal.

People want to drink all their protein in shake form. Some shakes are fine, and there are times when you need them. They are designed to deliver the right nutrients in the right timing for a purpose. Use it! But you can't drink six meals a day. You need to eat food to progress.

Get your meat tooth developed and make some gains. Quit choking it down and start enjoying your food...what little you get! Maybe you need to learn how to cook it? LOL!

Meanwhile, I'll be in the kitchen looking side to side, making sure I'm on the level with my food scale...not sneaking extra meat to satisfy my meat tooth!

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