Monday, March 25, 2013

After Your Show, What's On Your Mental List

by Kris Pitcher

I know you're thinking about all the stuff you're going to eat after your contest. After the big day! You've got a list going and you've even started dreaming about it. Well, I've got a list too. Let's compare our mental lists.

After my contest I would like to eat egg yolks. Creamy, fatty...runny or cooked, I'll take them either way. That soft, smooth, fatty silkiness. What? You're still eating them? Hmm. Didn't know how good you had it, did you?

Also on my wish list are apples. Oh, I love apples! Crunchy, sour, sweet, tangy...a little of both. I like them cut up in thin slices. Green ones, red ones, fancy, delicious...I love apples. You get fruit? Hmm, enjoy it.

Let's see...OH, I WANT ALMONDS! Yes, crunchy, fatty, raw almonds. Yes. I would like a handful of those. Ooo, and some almond milk. That would be good on cream of rice (more than a tablespoon joker!).

What else is on my list? Egg yolks, apples, almonds...squash! I love squash. It won't be squash season but bake me up some squash and I'll feel like you've given me dessert! Yummy! Oh, and pumpkin. I love to put pumpkin puree in my morning shake. I miss that.

I hear a lot of people talk about the things they miss and I think - boy, you ARE missing it. They're talking about gorging on cake, cupcakes, ice cream, booze, pizza, fried everything, fast food from every single place, more booze, and booze.

They've already made their reservations at the Cheesecake Factory (I'll keep my comments to myself) and are planning the after party. But what I notice is my list is WAY different.

I've done this before. And my "wants" are a culmination of a progression, over years. They are the by product of learning about rebound, clean eating and what a successful off season can do. They are the result of a change in taste. Literally.

Mine aren't right, making yours wrong. They are just different. We'll talk more in the coming weeks about planning for after your show. But it all begins now with what is on your mental after list. Begin to think about what your setting yourself up for, hyping yourself up for.

You can fall off the cliff the day after your show, or you can become a better athlete. It all depends on what you're putting on your mental list. Yes, egg yolks.

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