Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get Your Feel Good On!

by Kris Pitcher

Things are about to get dark, real dark. For many of us, this week marks the annual "Daylight Savings Time" change. I've never understood exactly what we're saving it up for. All I know is it will be dark when I leave for work, and dark by 3:30 in the afternoon. Dark. One of the challenges that we face in the winter is wanting to fill our face with carbs. There's a chemical reason for that. Oh, I can't help's a little bit of science.

Yesterday I told you that my daily (very early) morning cardio sets me up to have a good day, chemically, by releasing feel good serotonin into my brain. Well, carbohydrates do the same thing. So when the weather gets cruddy & the days get dark, wanting to hunker down and nosh on bowls of carby carbs isn't just in your head. It's actually having a chemical reaction, your head.

You're destined for bulky sweaters unless you make a switch. And that's just what I suggest, switching one for the other. You need to get your feel good from somewhere, right? So, choose where to get it now that you know. There is one more reason to get yourself motivated to stick to your plan. And now you know, why I don't hit the snooze! Get up! It's time to get our feel good on!

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