Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love It? Unrealistic Expectation

by Kris Pitcher

Let's just clear this up right away. Remember that talk we had a little while back? I'm committed to being honest with you, and I'll be candid with you too. I'll say this as nicely as I can...

If you think there has ever even been one morning when my alarm has gone off at 5 am (& sometimes before) that I've jumped out of bed with a smile on my face so excited I could hardly wait to get on the treadmill and do my can just catch the express bus back from F-A-N-T-A-S-Y L-A-N-D and join me here in the real world!

Did I mention that my birth was scheduled? I love to sleep. I love to nap. I need 8 hours a night, at least. My loved ones will be the first to tell you how crabby I am when I don't get enough sleep (heads are nodding, right Mom?). So, waking up to the alarm at o-dark-thirty to do cardio (which I don't love) is a double whammy. Surprised? Don't be, it's an unrealistic expectation to think you will love to exercise. Period. Now, don't get me wrong. I love to work out, I love to lift weights. I love being sore, I love getting stronger, and I love building muscle.

Confused? Here's the thing about cardio for me. I have never once been sorry I did it. Never. Every single time, I've been happy after I did it, proud even. That's right. I also know every cardio session I do sets my body up chemically to have a great day - stress reduction, plus happy serotonin release. Further, cardio is an integral component of my fitness goals. Doing it gets me the results I want. I'm never sorry about that.

Sure, I enjoy walking the trail with my husband. It's relaxed and recreational, the scenery is nice and the company is great, the hand-holding is nice too. And I enjoy listening to pod casts, or watching movies or TV while I walk on the treadmill. These things help make it tolerable, enjoyable even. Listen to books on tape, find a class, swim if you like to swim. Find ways to make it enjoyable.
Don't set yourself up for disaster with unrealistic expectations by thinking you have to love it. And don't go around thinking that I'm different because I love it, we cleared that one up. You just have to do it, trust me you won't be sorry.

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