Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Destination You!

by Kris Pitcher

We talk a lot about the journey. Mostly because it takes a long time, and we continue it for the rest of our lives. I hope I didn't just lose every last reader. But did you know you'll actually get there! You will hit your goal, and many of you may have already done just that.

Then what? Well, then we need a solid maintenance plan. A Destination You Plan! Usually when we hit our weight goals we celebrate, buy some new clothes, and then we feel a little lost. Most people make the mistake of not having the after plan. Which is really just the ongoing plan.

What trips us up the most? We start to slack off "just a little" on our exercise. Our portions creep up the tinniest bit. Our food diary goes out the window. And we start skipping the scale. So let's just assume we are going to keep doing those things; tracking our food, maintaining our portion control, maintaining our exercise, and getting on the scale once a week.

Keep your schedule is rule number one. Maintaining your meal schedule is what got you successful weight loss. So guess what? Keep doing that! It will keep working. At minimum three meals and two hearty snacks each day to keep your metabolism burning.

Remember volume is your friend. Fiber rich foods, water rich veggies are great for filling you up and keeping you regular. Keep those coming. Choose complex carbohydrates. No sugar is still a good rule. Those goodies still aren't for you. Smile.

Choose healthy fats from nuts and fish. Look for fresh over packaged foods, remember what got you to your goal. Be able to make trade offs. If you are going out for lunch, be able to adjust your meals. Note I say adjust, this doesn't mean you don't eat your other meals. It means maybe you have your carbs at the restaurant, but not at other meals for that day. Make sense?

Aim to maintain with healthy habits and around 1500-1700 calories per day for the ladies, add more for you guys out there. Once you hit your goal be proud! Then get right into your maintenance mind to keep your destination you body.

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