Friday, March 25, 2011

Don't Microwave That!

by Kris Pitcher

I was waiting for my husband to finish with a client so we could do our workout. As I sat outside the cardio room the Zumba participants began to surround me. They were chatty and excited. They either knew each other or introduced themselves to one another. They were really a lively bunch. And the feeling of being a fly on the wall of their conversation was great.

I want it right now!
One of them said her husband was on this crazy hormone diet where he was only eating 500 calories a day, and did the other gal know anything about it. The other gal said she did because her friend's dad did the diet but he was gaining all his weight back because he hadn't changed his habits.

Then I wanted to hug this girl. She said, "I'm no spokes model for weight loss. I mean I know I'm over weight. But I've already lost 50 pounds by changing my habits. I've started eating healthy and exercising. And I've changed the way I think about food."

Seriously, I almost kissed her! I kept my nose in my Lucky magazine and the smile crept across my face. This gal still had maybe another 50 pounds to go, but she was on her way into Zumba and she was spreading the word! She's the perfect spokes model! Then she said something really smart.

"We are a microwave society. We want everything right now. If your computer doesn't boot up in under 20 seconds it's too long. We just have to do the work and take our time. It's a lifestyle." She's right. On all accounts.

What's the take-away? Slow down and take your time, stop looking for the quick fix, keep your ears open, and don't microwave that!

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