Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Profile Me

by Kris Pitcher

Since facebook is the largest nation I was interested to learn a recent study showed people who regularly look at their own profile feel self-confident, but those who most frequently look at other people's profiles feel more anxious about stacking up. A subsequent conversation with a colleague about being the person you want to be on fb got me thinking about just becoming that person.

You know how you only post the pictures of you where you're not making the crazy don't update your status with the crappy stuff that happens. You are who you market yourself to be. You can be your best self on fb. And why not be that you, well always?

Or, you could be your authentic self on fb. But honestly we don't want to see the crazy face picture up your nose. And we don't want to hear a bunch of downer status updates about how unfair life is. We want the happy you.

How about a mix of the two? An authentic, happy you. If we do the things we post in our quotes we'd be off to a good start. Maybe if I make sure to put my lipstick on when I leave the house I might slightly resemble one of my fb pics.

All those nice comments, I'd like to hear those from you face to face too. Not just wall to wall. And...if I say them to you don't think I'm being weird. I'm just working on being my profile me.

See, ultimately if we were a little more like our marketed profile selves, we'd feel self-confident regardless of who's profile we were looking at. Shoot, we'd feel self-confident just looking in the mirror. Be your best you! It might even be contagious.

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