Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Know Thy Self

by Kris Pitcher

Being aware of your habits is important to your success. Recognizing our "quirks" helps us minimize what I would call situational dangers and maximize our chances of getting through the day on track.

For instance, if we were either dogs or squirrels in terms of our eating behaviors...I'm a dog. I vote to eat everything now. I don't care about later. Heck, there is no later. I know this about myself. And now, you know it too. Sorry.

Many are squirrels. You save things for later. You're not concerned about eating it now, you know you'll need it in the future. Fortunately there is a scale between dog and squirrel where I hope we can each find our happy place.

I also know that "out of sight out of mind" does not work for me. Many of us need to more diligently control our environments. We know the cookies are in the pantry...for the kids. Or for the party, or left over from what ever. But they are in there and I will not rest until I have eaten every last one...right now, because I'm a dog.

Knowing this and being truthful and honest with myself means I can be successful. How? By creating an environment around me where I can be. Sure, there are times when I am super woman, armoured with great restraint. During those times you could wave Girl Scout thin mints under my nose and I wouldn't flinch. But there are other times when I am downtrodden, weak and weary. That sleeve of thin mints would either be down my throat or up your nose in a flash. Either's no good.

Sometimes we are surprised by our lack of or great deal of success - or when we get it right. Believe me, it's not by accident. The reality is, we've figured out our habits about eating. If it were just about the numbers, the nutrition and the fuel this would be really easy. It's not, not for most of us. It's about managing our quirks, and knowing thy self.

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