Monday, March 7, 2011

Forgive Me Monday

by Kris Pitcher

Forgive me Monday, for I have sinned. Friday found me exhausted, weak and weary. I may have already been a little off path so what's the harm? Happy hour deals are too good to pass up, and with a week like I had, ah hell I give up.

Not enough sleep, and already dehydrated. Coffee to the rescue, a triple will do. I think I forgot my multivitamins...oh well, do those work? The slope got more slippery as friends came into town. Lunch out and shopping, followed by missed meals. People don't eat frequently, five hours no big deal.

Brunching and munching not to mention the "indulgence". Missed workouts and forgotten intentions...the weekend was a whirl. Hair of the dog, puffy eyes and water retention...I was supposed to relax and recharge and I spent it like a college girl!

But Monday has come with such a relief, to my aid. I can get back on track and stick to my beliefs. Just think of the progress I might have made...had the weekend not put me back three steps in spades.

If this sounds like your weekend, and you're not making progress - it's time to take back your control. Start today, there's no better time to get on track. Making a small change will help you get motivated to move toward your success. Let's get going, it's Monday!    

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