Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I've Started Purging

by Kris Pitcher

It began when I got home from the gym and started to empty my bag. I threw my bra right in the garbage can. I wanted to throw it in the garbage can at the gym...but I thought that might look a little weird to the other lady in the locker room. Besides, whoever has to empty the garbage doesn't need to be creeped out by underwear.

It had been wrestling me all day. And it wasn't the first day either. Oh, I tried to adjust it...but this had gone on WAY too long. I am done with that bra! I slam-dunked that bad girl right in the can!

Then I pushed open the closet door and tried on two suit jackets. I felt like I was being "punked". I looked around for cameras in my bedroom. None. The sleeves were too short, and I felt like I was going to do a Hulk tear out the back. My lat pull downs are working. Out of there!

T-shirts with sleeves that are too tight, no more. I am not a small. I'm just not. See ya later smediums. Shirts with buttons that won't come close to their holes...gone. These must go.

It's hard because I have several sizes of clothes. When I'm dieting down for a contest, I get out my skinny bin of clothes which spends its time under the stairs. But it's my pants size which changes the most. My suit jackets are not going to fit me when I diet down. So, it's time to let them go. And my closet will be skinnier for it.

I've come to realize there are certain things I've been cramming back into my closet...because I love them. But the truth is, they aren't going to work for me. It creates a frustrating situation when I try to get dressed. Nothing fits, I can't find anything, there's no space. It's a mess. So, I've started purging.

If spring really is coming, it might be time for you to start purging too. Get rid of that skirt you never wear. Let go of a few of the nine pairs of black slacks you have. Clear some space to move! I'm feeling better already, like I can breathe. Oh, and I should take this jacket off, it looks like it belongs to my twelve year old brother!

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  1. It's so nice to purge, feel better, and give to someone who will need your item. It lifts up your soul.