Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Shy of Self-Destruction

by Kris Pitcher

I found myself teetering on the brink of disaster yesterday morning looking at it. For a split second I thought I would stand on it, and weigh myself. Then the haze of a twelve hour travel day the day before started to clear. I sat in the bathroom dazed by my own self destruction.

Then in good habitual form, I marched down the hall to don my sports bra and walk on the treadmill in my pajamas. I had to keep from laughing out loud at myself. What was I thinking? Following four days of traveling for work, eating off schedule, exercising...well intermittently and not drinking enough water - why in my right mind WOULD I EVER STEP FOOT ON THE SCALE?

It would be pure self torture. Yet we do this to ourselves all the time. As if I need to measure the damage. Do I really want to know just how bad it might be? No, not really. What I want is some stick to my ribs consistency. I want my schedule.

I certainly didn't need any negative reinforcement, and neither do you. When we get off track, or life has to take over for a short while, we just need to get right back into it. We don't need to measure the in betweens. We don't need to torture ourselves and punish ourselves by validating what we already know. I know I was a little off track, so I got back on track. Period.

Next time you find yourself teetering on the brink, you need to stop just shy of self destruction. It's a completely unnecessary trip.

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