Friday, January 20, 2012


by Kris Pitcher

You were going to do it in the morning. First. Thing. The alarm was set. You hit snooze. Seven times. You thought you could do it later. Maybe on your lunch hour.

Only hitting snooze seven times made you a little late and you didn't quite get your gym bag packed. You meant to do it the night before but figured you would have plenty of time. But that's OK because you keep a pair of walking shoes in the bottom desk drawer.

Except you forgot about that "working" lunch meeting you agreed to. So, there goes that idea. Before you know it the day is over and you're just going to stop home and get your stuff and then hit the gym...except you never quite make it back out of the house.

How does this keep happening? Procrastination. We put things off because we think there will be a better time to do it. Especially with exercise. I've got a secret for you - there is no better time.

There will never be a better time. There won't be a more convenient time. You won't ever have more time. Later will never become more convenient. Putting it off won't make it go away or make it so you don't actually need to do it. You're backside will still look the same. Still.

So, instead of putting it off, or trying to fool yourself any longer...let's just make a pinkie swear to just go ahead and get it done. Just get up 30 minutes earlier and do it. Just pack your bag for the gym now. Just prep your food the night before. Just fill your water bottle before you sit down at the computer. Just. Just. Just!

Just stop waiting until later. Stop procrastinating. Here's another gem of a one is going to do it for you either. So, there you go. It's not going to happen without you. Stop being surprised when it doesn't. Procrastination is for don'ters. You are a doer! Get doing!

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