Monday, January 30, 2012

Love Amongst The Iron

by Kris Pitcher

You may or may not know that my husband and I are workout partners. Some couples just can't workout together. Ever. I've never understood that. I can't really imagine doing it without him.

In fact, and I think I've said this before...I'd probably sit on the couch and eat bowls of cereal were it not for him. He makes me a better person. OK, enough mushiness!

The gym is a great place to meet like valued people. I know a lot of women who go in to the gym, put their headphones on and keep their head down trying to keep eye contact to a minimum. That's all fine and good if you're already coupled up with some cozy situation. But for you single ladies...take a look around.

I think that nice guys do finish last. It's the douchy guys that keep the ladies in baseball caps worn low, headphones on even when their ipod is blinking yellow because it's out of juice. It's no wonder they are trying to avoid these guys.

But how about that nice quiet guy who always asks you how you're doing, or offers you a spot. Maybe you shouldn't be quite so sceptical of every single person in the gym. Who knows...maybe there's someone there worth talking to.

My point is, we meet great people doing the things we love. We meet great people who share our values when we aren't looking, when we're just doing what we do. But we have to open our eyes and drop some of our Men's Health cover ideals about how he'll look, or what kind of job he'll have. Or whatever.

I hear A LOT of fit, beautiful, smart ladies complain about being single. And, I have figured out why. It's not because no one will understand the way you eat, or that you need to do two sessions of cardio a day. It's not that your lifestyle is so crazy, or that Mr. Right isn't out there.

Ladies...we're holding ourselves back. Well - you. You are holding yourself back. There's love amongst the iron. If you're open to it. Next time you're at the gym feeling down on yourself and a little lonely, tip your hat up a little so you can see. And take a look around you. You just might be surprised who's there, waiting. Now, go on! Let him TALK to you! ;)

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