Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are You Fappy?

by Kris Pitcher

If you're fappy and you know it clap your hands! Isn't that how that song goes? No, it isn't. But I know a lot of fappy people. They go around thinking they're happy...but they're really not.

They're false-happy. Fappy. They're medicating with food, with alcohol, trying to fill a void...trying to fill themselves with happiness. The problem is it works for a very short time. It's a situation of instant gratification. Then there's the aftermath.

There's the remorse, the guilt, the disgust at yourself for not being in control. You're not happy at all. The food works for a quick fix. It goes down fast and puts you right in your happy spot. It's like the heroin chic of chips once you hit the bottom of that bag.

The problem is you have to break the habit, the cycle, of the quick fix behavior. You have to be willing to deal with feelings and find other ways to de-stress. You have to be willing to be present in your lives to truly find happiness.

Being in control and making choices in alignment with your goals will make you truly happy. And you can certainly enjoy good food, yummy food...it all needs to be worked into your plan at the right times.

If you've been kidding yourself with fappiness it's time to look in the mirror and find true happiness. You deserve nothing less. This should be the year you look to new things to make you happy. This should be the year you find happiness within.

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