Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why Weekends Are Your Weakness

by Kris Pitcher

Things are going great during the week. You've got your meals planned, you're taking them to work, you're drinking your water and making it to the gym. During the week you're even getting to bed on what gives come Saturday?

The weekends are a great struggle for a lot of people. One of the biggest reasons is we don't maintain our schedule. It begins Friday night when we stay up later than usual. Sometimes we stay up MUCH later than usual. This kicks off a sleep-wake cycle that is completely interrupted.

Then Saturday we sleep in. We don't really feel like doing our cardio and besides we might need to get going if the family has activities. If we haven't gotten ourselves up before the crowd there's no chance we're going to get what we need. Am I right?

On the weekends we are fighting traditions. Maybe the family wants to eat pancakes, or you always fix waffles on Sunday mornings. Those are the kinds of things you need to begin to plan around.

We are on the go all weekend. If you have kids, every one is going in a different direction. There are sports to get to, birthday parties, homework projects and the like. You are busy facilitating every one else and you're plan goes by the way side.

The key is to stay on schedule beginning with Friday night. You might want to catch a movie, but maintaining a close sleep-wake cycle is really important to your weekend success. So, if you usually go to bed at 9 PM, no later than 10 PM.

Saturday you need to get up before the crew if you have one, or just plain get up and get going. You need to treat this like a normal day. Get your morning cardio in, pack your meals and you are ready for what ever the day has in store.

Whether you're shopping with girl friends, watching the game with the guys, or running the kids all around - you need to have your meals with you. It's just like M-F. (That's why I carry a big purse when we go shopping, or to the movie.)

Keep yourself on schedule over the weekends and you will stay on track toward your goals. Taking two steps forward and one step back every week can be so frustrating. But weekends don't have to be your weakness. You've just got to follow the plan!  

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