Monday, January 23, 2012

A Fairytale For All The Princesses

by Kris Pitcher

I thought we could start the week out with a fairytale. This is a story about a princess named Holly, or Stacey, or Mariah. You fill in the's your story.

Once upon a time there was a princess named Holly. She lived in a beautiful fortress in the middle of Candy Valley. Candy Valley was surrounded by the foothills of Ice Cream was such a beautiful place. And her castle was nestled in between the Nosh Noll, and the beautiful babbling Dark Chocolate Brook.

Now, the princess was strong, very strong. She would sit in her castle and look at her beautiful pink ballet slippers. They sat in the corner of her high tower catching dust in the corners of their delicately folded satin ribbons. She wanted nothing more than to slip them on and dance. The freedom those slippers would bring her! She imagined swirling and twirling, dancing and bounding about her castle. Yet in the corner they sat.

The princess instead donned her suit of armour to protect her fortress. Because even with all her strength, living in the middle of Candy Valley was difficult. She constantly found herself fighting off temptation. The princess needed her shield to fight everything surrounding her.

But her armour weighed heavy and eventually she just wanted to shed it regardless of what might happen. Sometimes the outcome was not good. And there she found herself once again, no armour faced with temptation all around her.

But Holly the princess was strong and she knew what she wanted. She wanted those ballet slippers. So, as she found herself with the weight of the armour lifted she ran to those slippers. The princess laced the beautiful shiny ribbons around her ankles and she danced her way out of Candy Valley.

She twirled passed Nosh Noll, and plied right over the Dark Chocolate Brook. This princess was free! And what she found was she had that freedom all along. She had the freedom to create the castle she wanted to live in. The one she would not have to protect herself from.

She found that no princess could bear the weight of that armour, and that she had carried it for long enough. She had the freedom within her the whole time.

And she danced, and she danced...and she lived happily ever after.

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