Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Round Up The Troops!

by Kris Pitcher

You heard me. Round 'em up! Bring 'em in! We need to call in the troops! Sure, the first day was easy. You were ready to go...all motivated and stuff. Then it was a little harder. And shoot, it's cold in the morning and you don't want to get out of bed to exercise!

Enough of that, the troops are on their way in. And you need their support. Think of them in all their armor, with their weapons against excuses. They are about to be your best friend.

We want to help!
Who are they? Well, they might be your family, your friends, or your co-workers. They might include your facebook friends who know you're working on your fitness, or the instructor of your Wednesday night class. The troops might include the grocery checker or the nice lady at the post office.

Whoever you told you were going to do this...they are in your army. Those are the people who support you. And - newsflash - they don't know you are struggling in silence. Because of the silence.

You have to let the troops know you're having a hard time. You have to make appointments with them to meet at the gym, or grocery shop together if you can't be trusted to put the right things in the cart. It's up to you to enlist the troops.

I know you thought you'd be a tough guy/gal and do this all on your own...but none of us do this all on our own. We all have a team of support. We have our troops. So, shake it off and get on track like you meant to at the first of the year. All you need to do is round up the troops!

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