Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't Apologize!

by Kris Pitcher

Something strange happens when people see you doing something differently from them in a social situation. Even though you try to be inconspicuous, there's always someone who's drawn to you like a fly to butter...or however that goes. You don't make a big deal out of the fact that you're eating something different, you've brought your food, or you aren't drinking. Then comes the questions.

And maybe people are just interested. And I'll admit it, maybe I am conspicuous. I'd rather be social and bring what I want to eat, than not participate. Then I sort of explain what I'm doing in a super simple paraphrased way before their eyes gloss over. Usually conversation moves somewhere else for a while.

But their interest seems to always turn to an apology. "Oh, I'm sorry I'm eating this in front of you!" Well, let me tell you something, if I couldn't see people eating stuff, I wouldn't leave my house...ever. I'm good. "Oh, I shouldn't eat this in front of you!" followed by, "I shouldn't eat this at all!" or "Oh, I won't sit at her table with this big plate!" Really? My eating plan has nothing to do with judging what anyone else eats.

I get in these social situations and it's like I have this "food police" halo flashing in neon on my head. I'll leave that to someone else - that's just too much work for me! I'm an Aquarius, I'm low key, don't apologize to me...

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