Monday, December 13, 2010

WANTED: The Nibbler

by Kris Pitcher

WANTED: The Nibbler has been spotted in your kitchen! As you are cooking, the nibbler is there ready for a taste! When you are dishing plates for the family, again the nibbler. And worst yet - the cleaning nibbler! One last bite the kids didn't finish up, really? A fish stick?

What's the big deal? A nibble here, a nibble there? Well, it is a BIG deal. The Nibbler is sabotaging your plan by mindlessly pushing calories through those lips of yours, and it is adding up.

Break the nibbler habit by chewing sugarless gum while you cook. This is a great tool and works for many situations, keep a pack in the kitchen "junk" drawer so it's there when you need it. And after dinner, brush your teeth before you clear the table if you're an offender. Take two minutes to brush and floss your teeth. You are much less likely to nibble once you've done that. And you've got that pack of gum in the drawer.

REWARD: Getting rid of the Nibbler puts you back in control of what you are eating. It stops you from fooling yourself about the extras. Those little nibbles here and there add up to hundreds of calories, just enough to keep you from making progress. So turn in the Nibbler and claim your reward!

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