Friday, December 10, 2010

Fleeced By a Carrot

by Kris Pitcher

They never had any cholesterol!
I know you're a savvy shopper, and you probably know your way around the grocery store pretty well. And when you go grocery shopping, you're not distracted, in a hurry, or heaven forbid...hungry, right? I sure hope not because you need all your faculties working for you - or you might just get fleeced!

A trip through the produce isle and you've got your eye on washed and cut carrots. Good for you, you're looking for grab and go! Now, one package says, "Cholesterol Free!" Great! That's the one for me! Wait a minute. Vegetables don't have cholesterol. You've just been fleeced by a carrot!

How about "Gluten Free Corn Chex"? Well guess what, gluten comes from wheat. Corn Chex are made from? Corn! Now, why do you think General Mills puts that on the label? They know that many people are eating gluten free diets, so they're letting you know. OK, but anyone requiring a gluten restriction would know it isn't in corn. My sense is they would like to market to all the rest of us who might get on the non-gluten bandwagon if we see their label. They want to sell you their Corn Chex.

Making sense of nutrition is tricky. Throw in some 'marketing to the masses', and every one's drinking POM juice. The same anti-oxidant ingredient is in grape juice...only POM did a much better marketing campaign. Stop and think the next time you're reading a product's claims. After all you don't want to be fleeced, by a carrot.

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