Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stop at Thanks

by Kris Pitcher

There is a serious plague going around and I am concerned for your safety. There is no vaccine for this and it seems to be more prevalent than ever before. It's a serious social condition brought on by compliments, I hear it all the time, it's "Thanks but...".

Do you suffer from thanks but? Think back to the last compliment you were paid. What was your response? OMG! You HAVE IT! I'm going to talk you through this.

Lady at the airport, "I love your hair! That style is so great on you" Me, "Thank you so much." You see, I no longer have, thanks but. When I had it, I would have said, "Thanks, but you should have seen it in the '80s, WOW not pretty!"

Thanks but diminishes and negates the compliment. It says to the person complimenting you, "I don't want your compliment, I don't deserve it, it means nothing, don't ever do it again." Who wants to hear that?

"Honey you look great!" Your reply, "Thanks but I think this dress makes me look fat." Now everyone feels bad, date ruined! You must let go of thanks but. It is a serious social condition, and has eaten away at your soul. No more thanks but. No more!

What instead? Just... thank you. It's not easy to get in the habit of accepting compliments, but you deserve them. You're awesome! It might take some practice, but put that smile on and start, rather stop talking at thanks!

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