Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Super Bowl Training

by Kris Pitcher

It just dawned on me that this Sunday is the Super Bowl! With all of the spirited watching about to take place...we need to step things up this week in preparation. We're already one day behind. Sorry about that, I really only know Sunday to be the day after my cheat meal, leg day at the gym - quads specifically, a great day to fold laundry...and usually a day to work in a nap and a movie on the couch. My bad.

Let's get to it! First we need to step up our cardio this week. You heard me right. Add 10 minutes to your current regimen. You can also increase the intensity by adding some arm pumping movements. This will come in handy on Sunday when you root for your team. If there will be artichoke dip, add 20 minutes each day.

Next, let's get our booty into the groove. The groove of the sofa that is. You need to be eyeing your spot and figuring out how you will capture it for your own. Now, you'll be up and down a lot getting things for others. Refreshing beverages and the like will have you in and out of the sofa zone...so be thinking of your plan.

In preparation, squats. You can't do this at the gym, this needs to be done at home. Stand next to the sofa, abs in tight, break at the hips and sit back. Knees should never extend past the toes. Press your glutes into the sofa and pop up immediately pushing through your heels and squeezing your glutes as you come up. Three sets of 10 sofa squats.

Your cardio and squat training is going to require the additional Super Bowl focus of yelling and cheering using appropriate language. I don't advocate this training in the gym this week. But I do suggest you practice this yelling and cheering with your squat training at home. It will increase your cardiovascular capacity and aid in securing your spot on the sofa. Your family will think you're crazy, and they'll steer clear.

This is a solid Super Bowl training plan. And I suggest you get a move on! You've only got a hand full of days left to train for your big day!  Good luck everyone, and GOOOoo...who's playing?

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  1. Sofa squats?? You are a truly sick and twisted individual!!!