Sunday, February 6, 2011

Groceries, On a Mission!

by Kris Pitcher

Last week as I was barrelling my cart through WINCO, I realized - I'm different. I mean, I have obviously noticed the differences in the contents of my cart versus other's at the checkout. You can't miss that. But a few things struck me as I slalomed through the browsing shoppers. I shop with a mission.

Grocery shopping can be a daunting task. Like everything else, you need to be organized about the way you do it. Even though I purchase the same things every week, I always have a list. The list ensures nothing gets left behind, or if there's an item I don't usually need - I don't rely on my memory. That would never work.

In order to make a list you need to know what you'll need for the week. In our household...this involves math. Six meals a day, 6oz.of meat each meal blah blah. Then there's mine, five meat meals, 4oz. do the math blah blah. This many egg whites per day for 6 days. How many pounds is one package of chicken? What's the cooked weight in ounces blah blah...You get the idea. And you thought you'd never need to use math?...

Now that you know what you'll need for the week, you make a list. My list is in the order of the layout of the store. As I work my way through, I get what I need, and check it off the list. Easy. I don't have to concern myself with the endless shelves of items, because they are not on my list.

Crowded isles? Park at the end, dash down to get what you need and get out of there. Don't frustratedly maneuver your cart down the isle waiting for people to get out of your way. You know the item you're after, get in and get out.

I noticed a lot of on the spot decision making happening in the store. People were confused, tired,'ve already made your decisions. They're listed on your list. Easy. They're doing this because they don't have a plan, you have a plan.

So, you've thought ahead about what you need for the week, and you've made a list in the order of the layout of the store. The final steps for success are things you already know. Don't go in there hungry. Disaster. Know the patterns of your area and its shoppers. I know Friday nights are a little weird, but Saturday late morning it's empty.

You don't have time to waste and you can be an efficient shopper. Now, put your armor on and get ready to shop with a mission!  

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