Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Time!

by Kris Pitcher

Lasting change takes continued change. Continuing to do the same things forever won't continue to get us the same results - because we adapt. We get comfortable in what we're doing and change is hard. Besides, we've changed a lot already...right?!

Decide to decide!
We can go along and get frustrated when we stop making progress...and quit. This is what most people do. We're not most people. OR we can recognize when progress takes a turn on us and we need to make some changes. This is an important and critical skill.

I've always called this deciding to decide. We don't need to know or have all the answers. We just have to decide to make a decision. You can almost feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders.

Time spent on the what if-s, the should do-s, and the I can't-s is time wasted. Deciding to decide puts you in control of your destiny. It lets you guide what comes next for you.

Once you know you're going to make a decision you've got a little work to do, maybe some research. Considering the pros and cons, what are the consequences of each and so on. Then, you just decide and act. We don't need to over think the process. It's simple.

Making decisions is an ongoing process with every aspect of our lives. Being able to recognize when it's time will keep you moving forward. Don't just sit there, it's time!

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