Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hedging Your Bets, A Point Counting Offense

by Kris Pitcher

I'd like for all the point counting readers to come forward and have a seat with me here on the couch. It's OK, we're just here to support you. Have a seat. If the rest of you would just take a comfortable seat around the room, we can get started. Stay close, we'll need your support. Don't look frightened, this is about your success.

How many points is that?
I don't want to name names, so let's just say you're on a program like..."slim seekers". You go to weekly weigh-in meetings, you track your food, you count your know the one? You get so many points per day, and each food is given an equivalent point value. Follow? Great.

Now, it's come to my attention - and I'm going to be honest with you, I always am - it's come to my attention you have been trying to work the system. This might be difficult for you to hear, and we are here to support you, I'm going to share some things with you to help you move toward your goal.

I understand your "coach" told you at your meeting that if you're struggling with having enough points to get through the day, you can begin counting at 5:00 PM. That way, you can have the bulk of your points in the evening and then go to bed for 8 hours (when you won't need any points anyway) then scrimp the next day. You'd get a fresh new balance at 5:00 PM when you could start all over again.


That is the worst advice I can imagine giving anyone. Really? Start at 5:00 PM? Sure, let's have a 4 point glass of wine, with some cheese and crackers before dinner, then we'd have plenty of room for three or four 1 point desserts! The next day (remember we've got until 5:00 PM when the points turn over) we can just skip breakfast, have a 1 point snack, then a 1 point soup for lunch...then nothing until 5:00 PM.

Now I just want to slit my own throat. What are the slim seekers teaching people? The message is translated as this: "Hedge your bets. Have what you want at night, just before you go to bed when your body isn't going to use the calories. In fact, drink some alcohol so your body stops metabolizing the fuel all together and then stores it as fat. You'll be fine the next day, just don't eat...shut down your metabolism and tell your body you're going to starve it."

My observation of you point counters is this. No, hear me out and then I'm going to give you some advice about a better way to use your points. My observation is you try to find as many fake food items equal to 1 point as you possibly can. You eat these 1 point items during the day - it's like a contest to see who can last on 1 pointers - then you're starving at night. Well, no wonder - you've eaten snacks of nothing all day.

A better plan? Stop hedging your bets. Eat a well balanced breakfast of lean protein, whole grains and a little healthy fat. A mid-morning snack of something like a cheese stick or a yogurt with a piece of fruit and an ounce of almonds. Lunch, maybe a "sandwich thin" turkey sandwich and some veggies to crunch on. Your afternoon snack is important to getting you over the hump so try 3 ounces of lunch meat, or 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. Then on to dinner, a nice salad with some lean protein. You're not spending all your points on a bunch of fake-food items with zero nutritional value.

You are fueling up with foods that will feed your brain, your body and your muscles while allowing your body to burn fat. You're keeping your metabolism burning all day, and you're maintaining an even blood sugar level - no ups and downs.

Eating by counting points is a good plan, but not if you're trying to cheat the system. Remember that the basics work, there is no quick fix, and you can't hedge your bets. It's offensive! Thank you for having this sit down with me, after all we're all here for your success.   

*Please note this is not representative of any company or program and is not meant to specifically address any program or group. It's the result of an unfortunate piece of advice from a coach given during a meeting as reported by one individual.

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