Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hang Up The Scale

by Kris Pitcher

I cringed as I stepped on it. Would the number be good...or bad? Would it reflect the hard work I'd done? Would it stare back at me with a number I didn't deserve? What terrible truth would it tell me?

On Wednesday when I stepped on it, it was good to me. Then I stepped on it on Saturday...not so good. It's down, then it's up. And along with it is my mood. So what's a girl to do with her scale?

We need a break!
Take. A. Break. Period. I'm doing the work and my body is changing. I can tell by the way my clothes fit, and which clothes fit. My husband can tell I'm changing. He's got a good eye ;)

What I can't let happen is for the scale to determine whether I'm doing a good job or not. It's not measuring my fat loss. It's not measuring my lean body mass. It's not measuring whether I'm gaining muscle and losing fat, or whether I was dehydrated on Wednesday, or retaining water on Saturday. It's not measuring much of anything, really.

It's actually one of the last markers of progress. And I'm not just saying that because it's moving slowly for me. But it is just one measure.

Allowing the scale to weigh whether you will feel good, or bad, or whether you will binge or sabotage your plan is putting way too much into that number. It is after all only a number. I could tell you I weigh 140, or 120. Either way you would believe me, and either way - what would it matter?

It wouldn't matter. Your number doesn't matter either, that's the point. What matters is that we do the work. Keep doing the work, regardless of what the number says. Why? Because the changes are happening.

The changes are going to be slow, that's what makes them work. Hang in there even if it means hanging up the scale for a while. Take a break from the numbers and just do the work.

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