Friday, June 3, 2011

Are You Undoing Your Deficit?

by Kris Pitcher

I'm in full contest prep mode. Yes, this means the "d" word. I'm dieting. It might look confusing because I'm eating a lot of food. Every 2 hours or so, there she goes again...another meal! People are starting to notice too.

In just a few weeks, I'm leaner looking. And with the sun contemplating showing itself the arms have come out from cover, exposing themselves in all their glory. Sure, everyone wants these arms...but no one seems to want to eat all this food?!

"There she is again," I hear at the microwave at work. "with her chicken and what is that?" I look into my Pyrex container, "Broccoli." I confess.

I've also increased my cardio recently. And I'll tell you what. I can feel my metabolism kick into gear! As I whined about feeling hungry, my trainer-husband (yes, I am lucky) reminded me of something I felt compelled to pass along.

"Your hunger level actually exceeds the demand your increased cardio places on your system." Translation: you haven't burned as many calories as you would eat if you fed your hunger.

This is SO important. It's important because as we increase our activity, our metabolism goes up. That's good. But we do ourselves a disservice by literally feeding into that. We don't ever allow the deficit. IT'S OK TO FEEL A LITTLE HUNGRY!

"You can have a shake until your next meal." He said. I marched right out of the kitchen with my chin up like a champion. (I think he knows me well enough to know I'll do the opposite.) I wasn't about to undo my deficit!

If you're taking two steps forward and one step back each week, stop and get honest about your plan. Are you undoing your deficit?

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  1. Yes! I call that diet anxiety :) Haha, I was just talking about that in my own blog yesterday. I call the beginning of my dieting the Red Zone because of the anxiety-I am tempted easily so I know in that zone, that I have to avoid those tempting situations. Great post!