Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hair Bands Holding You Back?

by Kris Pitcher

I realized as I was gathering a few necessary items from my bathroom - there's a whole lot of stuff under the sink. Preparing to relinquish my bathroom to our house guest, I got what I needed to encroach upon my husband in "his" bathroom. In the process, I learned two things.

First, and we'll skim this topic because I'd rather not spend a lot of time lying on the couch while we discuss the origin of my sickness - I use a lot of products. Especially hair products. But here's the deeper issue...

I have a lot of stuff...the cabinet under the sink is a wasteland of things I don't want to deal with. Mistakes I've made. Purchases I shouldn't have made. Things I thought I needed. Things I forgot I had, and bought another one of. Hair bands from when I had long hair...8 years ago.

What aren't you dealing with in your life? What "stuff" is holding you back from making progress toward your goals? Are you surrounded by clutter? Isn't it time to let that stuff go?

Cleaning house in a literal way makes room for our subconscious to move forward. All that stuff takes up our energy. It's time to make room for progress. This doesn't mean filling things back up. It means freeing space for clarity.

I'm giving up my hair bands. What are you willing to let go of in order to begin to move ahead? Open things up, it's time to see what's in there.

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