Thursday, June 23, 2011

Balancing Expectations

by Kris Pitcher

My husband and I had a conversation recently which reminded me about balancing our expectations. The greatest push back we hear from people is the juxtaposition of truly eating what you need to eat in order to have the body composition you want to have.

It reminds me we need to find balance in our lives. Part of the equation is being realistic about our expectations. Finding an eating pattern we can live with is important. Being comfortable in our body is equally important. It doesn't however mean we need to have a certain kind of body.

Working "extras" into our eating plan is very doable. Treats, including alcohol, if you so choose - can be part of your plan in a moderate way. When it is moderate and managed you can expect a somewhat predictable outcome.

That said, what may not be realistic is having a leaner than average body composition for example. It's fair to say you can't have it both ways. So, what's the answer? Well, the answer is we need to ease up our expectations.

Certainly, we can't expect to look like a fitness model if we aren't willing to eat and train like one. Can we? We must understand the women on the covers of the fitness magazines are the 1% of the population who eat and train like athletes, right? You know it now.

Be moderate and managed, get your cardio in, and by all means - lift those weights! Eat a balanced, healthful and clean plan that includes a wide variety of foods. Pay attention to your portions, and your frequency of eating. Cut excess calories which don't provide you nutritional value, and know what you are eating.

Those are the basics - and they work. Add in balancing your expectations, and finding peace with your body and you'll be on your way to actually finding your bliss!

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