Thursday, June 2, 2011

Go For It! Get Moving!

by Kris Pitcher

Arms crossed I stood looking out my office window. I squinted to see if it was raining yet or not. The wind had picked up and the clouds were threatening. Then a car wipers. I'm going for it, I thought.

I laced up, grabbed my umbrella, my windbreaker and my i-pod and I was out the door. By the time I rounded the walkway heading off campus, the raindrops were coming. I can out-walk these drops, I thought.

The path along the river started out sparse but quickly filled with groups of day campers, walkers, runners and cyclists. Having such a wet season has the river swollen past it's banks and raging through our city. THAT'S loud water, I thought.

The rain was faster than my walk, and up went my umbrella. I could smell the earth, and the colors were in bloom all around me. Nearly finished, I could feel the water had soaked my slacks. I'm glad I wore black slacks, I thought.

And as I settled back into my office...the sun began to shine. My walks are not epic. My thoughts are not earth shattering. But spending 45 minutes outside, regardless of the weather, seeing and smelling the world, and smiling at passers-by is a remarkably recharging way to spend my lunch.

How did you spend your lunch? At your computer again? I think you should lace up and get moving for a few minutes. Get outside, even if you don't have a river to walk by.

I'm not waiting for spring, or summer...or anything - I'm just going for it!

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