Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wait Five Minutes - You're Fine!

by Kris Pitcher

A few years back, front load washing machines became very popular. Boasting larger load capacity, gentler action - due to no center agitating arm, and various other attributes which made this type of machine superior.

Now, in order to "keep up with the Jone's" you must have this wonderful front load washing machine. But an unmatched set is not acceptable, so with it comes the matching dryer. Designer colors would set your laundry room apart from your neighbor, such that your "laundry expression" would really take on your personality.

As you can imagine these machines are very expensive. They require a special floor stand which brings the machine loading area up to a height where you're not constantly stooped over while laundering. Additional price tag there. So all in all - quite an investment. But well worth it to have the very best in home fashion and function wouldn't you say?

Well, I'll be darned if advertisements on the radio right now aren't pushing the top load washing machine as the best thing ever! All of a sudden the top load machine is the thing to have. This switch in trends makes me think of a few things...

First, I am thankful every time I pull a load of clean clothes out of my washing machine. Every. Time. I realize not everyone has a washing machine. I actually feel grateful every time. And when I pull that same load out of the dryer! Magic!

It also makes me think about wanting what you have not having what you want. This philosophy extends to every aspect of our lives. It specifically extends to how we see ourselves, our bodies, and how we love and treat ourselves as a result. Want what you have. Love yourself right now, and care for yourself. The rest will come as a result of what you do because of that.

My final thought about the washing machine, is trends come and go. If we just wait five minutes (or maybe five years) trends change. Sometimes things come along that seem like the "next wonderful thing we MUST have/get/do/be!" The reality is, we are fine just how we are. Wait five minutes. Take another're fine just how you are!

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  1. They tend to push the front loading, fancy, expensive machines as a way to save water and energy. However, if one amortizes the difference in cost between the front loader and an energy star rated efficient top loader, I would suspect that the pay back could take years and years if not a decade or so - which means that for most of us the numbers don't make sense.

    They are, however, some fine looking machines.