Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hoarding Calories

by Kris Pitcher

Hoarding is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD. It's compulsively collecting things, without the ability to get rid of anything. Most hoarders don't see their collection of treasures as a problem. And most also don't exhibit any other symptoms of OCD.

Now, I've known many a exerciser in my time who you'd think had OCD. And really that's no joke. Exercise can for some become a compulsion. It can also take the place of other - much worse - habits. Perhaps it becomes an issue of scale ability. How bad could it be?

I've heard from more than a few people recently though about their "friends" who hoard their calories for celebrations. Saving up your calories for junk food, foods not on your plan, and drinks out with the girls just doesn't make sense. With the holiday weekend coming up, I'm here to let you know - I'm on to ya!

But I also want to let you know, there's a better way. I'm not going to tell you to, "Come drink the cool-aid." I'm smarter than that!

Here's the thing: Eat what you're supposed to eat first. This means, eat your plan and then go out for the celebration. This is much smarter than not eating, and then drinking your 1800 calories in martinis.

Set your foundation with the nutrition your body needs to fuel your workouts, to burn fat, and to keep your metabolism burning in order to make the progress you want to make. The celebration is on TOP of that. Too many calories you say? Well guess get to do more cardio this week and tighten up your eating plan. But you have to get the nutrition - first.

Don't hoard your calories and deprive your body of the nutrients it needs. It just doesn't make any sense. Now, go tell your "friends".

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