Friday, June 10, 2011

Wiper and Weight Control

by Kris Pitcher

The rain drops came slow at first. I had my wipers on the delay setting. The windscreen on my car would fill up with drops and just in time, swipe...the wipers would take care of it. And I could see the road in front of me.

Then the rain began to pour down, hard! But I didn't increase the speed of my wipers. Not yet. I wanted to see just how long I could push it. Finally, as it began to pour cats and dogs I eventually turned the wipers on full speed. Now, had I been in the passenger's seat. I would have been crawling OUT OF MY SKIN!

I would have been twitching at first, then piercing my lips with my arms crossed, next I'd let out a huff of air..."Honey! Can you PLEASE turn on the wipers! I can't see anything!" But when you're in the driver's's different.

Your journey with weight management is the same way. No one else can drive this thing for you. You have to be in the driver's seat. The reason? It's all about control and seeing what's in front of you.

When you are in control of your wiper speed, you know you'll be able to see. You know that just in the nick of time, your view will be clear. You know what's coming. But when you're the don't know if the wipers will ever come on. Ever!

Sometimes it's easier just to sit back and let someone else do the driving. Me? In the literal sense, I prefer to be driven. But figuratively...I'm driving my own destiny as I take my journey toward my fitness goals.

People say, "Oh Kris, you're so stay on track so well." "How do you always manage to do what you're supposed to do?" I have a trainer, a coach, mentors, champions, people who love me and cheer me on - but ultimately I'm the one in a little tiny suit on stage displaying my physique. I better have done the work.

Your goals are your goals, we're all here to support you - but you're in the driver's seat and you get to control the wipers!

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