Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gossip! - Did You Hear The News?

by Kris Pitcher

Engaging in a little office/gym/friendly gossip is harmless right? It makes the time pass with a little excitement and creates a bit of juicy energy to the day! Think again gossip girl...

When news turns critical, judgmental and demeaning your gossip has become harmful. Negative energy gets you negative energy and putting someone else down to make yourself feel better is, juvenile. Worse even, it's considered bullying.

Think about even your best friends - together - in a pack. Girls night out can turn ugly in a hurry. Jokes to embarrass or humiliate someone. Whispering behind a cupped hand and piercing eyes. The name calling, and the rumor spreading. She did what?!

And even when you know better, it's difficult not to get sucked in by the ring leader. You might feel powerless against her, or at least you don't want her to turn on you - so you quietly go along...laughing at what's-her-name with the junk in her trunk!

If we look at what we're doing here it's scary. The alienation, ostracism, the deliberate and calculated exclusions...the rumors we're spreading about one another. All in the name of the popularity game. It's not harmless fun, it's not in jest, it's not just because we've had a few. It's mean, and catty.

Breaking away from the pack is easy. You can destroy gossip by ignoring it. Simply don't pass it on, don't engage in it. Let the person know you're not interested in hearing it. Call them out and let them know you doubt that's true, and if it were...we should support her.

Gossip is a form of bullying. We really should support one another rather than tearing each other down. It starts with each of us supporting one another. Did you hear? Share the good stuff, forget the gossip!


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