Monday, July 16, 2012

Double Bunned Sword

by Kris Pitcher

As the seasons have changed, I've been looking in my closet for new items to wear. Not only has the season changed, but through my contest prep...I'm also changing. Typically this means I can wear more items in my closet, smaller items in my closet.

Like most competitors I have multiple sizes of clothes. I have tiny clothes that I wear for about a 2 week window. Then I have my 6, 8, 10 run. This year however has been a different experience.

I began to grow out of my 6 as I was dieting down. See, it's the double bunned sword thing happening. This year, I was on a mission to "build a butt". You know, like build a bear...only - behind.

Now my great work isn't fitting into my slacks. Apparently, the standard woman according to the garment industry...has no glutes. Sad really. My solution?

Wear my 8's. Take out the tags if you don't like it. Wear my dresses. Find things which stretch over my big, strong glutes. Be proud of my situation rather than frustrated that I don't fit the norm.

I'm sure you have a "double bunned sword" situation. How are you choosing to see it? To handle it? Your perception determines your disposition and your success. You don't need to fit the norm, or your just have to be you!

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